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How To Iron Dress Shirts

Some people are not concerned about their dressing code which is very crucial since it can tell more about someone. Clothes will appear more attractive and make one to be smart if they are properly ironed to straighten the fabric. There are steps to follow if one is to properly iron their dress shirts for a professional and sharp look. The iron board and iron needs to be of good quality for shirts and other clothing to appear more appealing after ironing. The sole plate of irons has to be clean and smooth which can be cleaned by a damp towel or other suitable material.

Ironing boards that have smooth surfaces make the process easier and effortless while ensuring straight fabrics. Dress shirts should be a bit moist when ironing and the water used should be distilled or filtered since normal water leaves deposits. There are also special ironing sprays designed for this specific purpose and they are usually not scented. The other essential equipment needed is quality hangers to hang the dress shirts immediately after ironing. There are some quality irons that are available at very affordable prices and they are preferable compared to cheaper ones which might get damaged easily. There are many types of irons including some with steam chambers and ways of regulating the temperatures and also automatic cord winders.

Buying stainless sole plate irons is better since they are more durable and are not affected by common destructive conditions. When preparing to iron, it would be good to have more clothes instead of single pieces of clothing. When ironing the dress shirts the first step should be to start with the collars and preferably the back part of the collar. The collar should be moist before starting and after doing the back part one needs to turn the shirt and iron the front part next. The next step involves ironing the cuffs by unfolding and then carefully ironing around the buttons which should be ironed from the back to prevent overheating and cracking.

The front and back part of the shirt are then ironed from the shoulders downwards and the front part being ironed first followed by the back part. Shirt sleeves can cause trouble especially if done wrongly and the best way to go is ensuring the sleeves are laid flat on the ironing board. After ironing the shirts, they should be hanged on the hangers immediately so as to maintain their natural forms. Water and ironing sprays soften the fabrics and as a result make it easier to iron without much effort and also the fabrics do not form wrinkles when wet as compared to doing so to dry shirts.
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