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Coin Collectors - Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

There are many good coins that you can get to collect and if you are not so sure what coins you should collect, we are here to help you out. Coins can be found in a lot of places to start looking for those good collectors coins that you can add to your collection. Morgan silver dollar coins are the coins to get if you are a coin collector and we are going to be looking at why that is so. Stick around to find out about this wonderful Morgan silver dollar coin and you are going to learn a lot from it indeed.

Did you know that such coins are dubbed the King of Coins? Yes, indeed they are and what makes them really great indeed. A coin collector will know that those Morgan silver dollar coins are gems in a field and they will really want to get them for their collection. The designer of those Morgan silver coins was a man named George T. Morgan and he was a brilliant designer indeed. This man who designed the Morgan silver coin was actually a British immigrant who helped William Barber engrave coins. Such beautiful, silver coins were issued in 1878 up to 1904 and a lot of people used them back them. Such coins did not last for long as there was a government melting in 1918 which wiped away a lot of the Morgan silver coins. There are but a few left in of such coins so if you have them, you should really keep them.

Such Morgan silver coins are very beautiful and if you have not really looked at them, you might want to do some research to see what they are like. If you look at the front of the coin, you are going to see a lady there, that is Lady Liberty engraved on the coin. There are many words written and if you look closely, you are going to find the initials of George Morgan on there. There is an eagle at the back of the coin and that eagle is really beautiful. Morgan silver coins actually went through design changes and now the eagle that was seen at the reverse side of the coin only has 7 tail feathers. If you have those coins that have 7 feathers on the eagles wings, this is a rare type of Morgan silver coin that you will find as the 8 feathers are more common. Since Morgan silver dollar coins are pretty rare today, you might really want to seek them out to add them to your coin collection. Get those silver dollar coins today.
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